Christ the Meal Offering

This is a hymn from the Remembrance Hymns Book. Tune: (The holiest now we enter.)

In smooth and silken whiteness,
Without a roughing grain,
in clear, unbroken brightness,
Without a speck or stain,
The fine flour in its beauty
The Perfect Man portrays
In all His path of duty,
In all His heavenly ways.

In softness unresisting
The rough and ruthless touch,
In Purity consisting
As not another such,
In every feature flawless,
In every aspect fair,
The search of sinners lawless
Could find no blemish there.

A wealth of heavenly glory
Unfolds before our gaze
Remembering the story
Of all His wondrous ways,
We muse in conscious weakness
On gentleness and power,
On lowliness and meekness —
Frankincense and fine flour.

O God His God and Father,
What shall we say to Thee?
Our hearts would incense gather
And raise it reverently
In worship thus ascending,
To Thee our hymn we sing,
The theme our thoughts transcending
Thy Son remembering.

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