Muslim Scholar Quotes the Quran saying that God gave the Land To Israel


(Copied from ‘Friday Church News Notes’ by David Cloud, January 19, 2018,,, 866-295-4143)

The following is excerpted from “The Quran Says That Allah Gave the Land of Israel to the Jews,” Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Palazzi is the secretary general of the Italian Muslim Assembly and the Khalifah of the Qadiri Sufi Order in Europe. “The Qur’an recognizes the Land of Israel as the heritage of the Jews and it explains that, before the Last Judgment, Jews will return to dwell there. This prophecy has already been fulfilled. … Viewing the Jewish return to Israel as a Western invasion and Zionists as recent colonizers is new. It has no basis in authentic Islamic faith. … Such a false transformation of Islam was in fact made by the late Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini. He is the one person most responsible, both morally and materially, for the repeated Arab defeats in their conflict with the Jews in Israel. Husseni not only incited Arabs against Jews. He also encouraged the torture and murder of all Arabs who correctly understood that Arab cooperation with Jews was a precious opportunity for the development of the Land of Israel. Husseini ended his woeful life by putting his perverted religious teachings at the service of the evil and pagan Nazis. … After Husseini came Jamal al-Din ‘Abd al-Nasser. Nasser based his policy on Pan-Arabism, hatred and contempt for Jews, and an alliance with the atheistic Soviet Union. Nasser’s terrible choices were critical factors in maintaining Arab backwardness. … Both the Jewish and Islamic Scriptures teach that God, through His chosen servant Moses, decided to free the offspring of Jacob from slavery in Egypt and to constitute them as heirs of the Promised Land. … The Qur’an relates the words by which Moses ordered the Israelites to conquer the Land: ‘And [remember] when Moses said to his people: O my people, call in remembrance the favour of God unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave to you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.’ [Qur’an 5:20-21] Moreover–and those who try to use Islam as a weapon against Israel always conveniently ignore this point–the Holy Qur’an explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment, where it says: ‘And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.’ [Qur’an 17:104] Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, there is NO fundamental reason which prohibits Muslims from recognizing Israel as a friendly State.”

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