The Chiefest of Ten Thousand


by Tim Burton

I gaze upon His beauty
The Christ who died for me
The Chiefest of ten thousand
Tis none Oh Lord but Thee

I wonder Lord from Heaven
Thou didst a body take
Declared to all around Thee
God’s Law Thou couldn’st not brake

To think that God designed it
Before the world was made
Thy body that was spotless
Sins penalty be laid

I see Thee Lord there hanging
Upon the cruel tree
Jehovah’s sword is piercing
Thy heart of love for me

I hear the words so clearly
Finished, the work is done
Redemption now surrounds me
The vict’ry has been won

Thy precious blood has bought me
I now am not my own
Once sin had held me captive
Now I am Thine alone

I long oh Lord to see Thee
Thy coming must be near
From this old world be leaving
When Thou Lord doth appear

What joy twill be forever
To worship at Thy feet
The Chiefest of ten thousand
Thy praises Lord repeat

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