The Decorum of The Gospel displayed in the life of a Citizen of the Kingdom Seen in Philippians 1:27

by Ron Steffensen

  • The Setting Of Philippi: A Roman Colony representing Rome in the midst of an enemy land
    • 42 BC Antony & Octavian distributed land around Philippi to Legion XXVIII after the Battle of the Plains of Philippi and constructed a Roman Forum 
  • The Citizens of Philippi: 
    • Their Duty: That they represent Rome
    • Their Decorum: How they represent Rome
  • The Saints of Philippi: Their Decorum, appropriate to the Gospel, lived out as Citizens of Heaven
    • As seen in their:
      • Attention: Col 1:9-14 
        • Being Filled with the correct knowledge of God’s Will in all:
          • Wisdom: The How
          • Spiritual Understanding or Intelligence: The What & Why
            • Confident in God’s Laws of Communication
        • So that ye might walk worthy (appropriately) of the Lord unto 
          • all pleasing (as Joseph with Potiphar) 
            • being fruitful in every beneficially good work
            • increasing in the correct knowledge of God
      • Application: Philippians 1:9-11 
        • Our Love Increasingly abounding in: 
          • correct knowledge
          • judgment or perception: 
            • objectively & discerningly perceive, through correct knowledge, someone’s or something’s Nature 
            • Someone’s or something’s Needs 
        • So that we may:
          • Discerningly Test and Approve that which is Excellent or rises higher and beyond that which we were by nature
            • The Upper (Above the Earth) Room
          • Be  Sincere: Objectively Tested by the light of God’s Word, True within
          • Without offence or cause of stumbling, Harmless without
          • And so resulting in their:
            Unity Within: In One Spirit (Godward) Standing Fast
            Activity Without: With One Soul (Manward) Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel

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