(118) Dec 9/2013 – Waters All Gathered Together

Monday Meditation

December 09, 2013

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins


Waters all Gathered Together

“Let the Waters under heaven be gathered together unto one place.”

Genesis 1:9

Day 3 of the creation week was remarkable from several standpoints. During that day, there were two distinct actions recorded: the gathering together of the seas with the appearance of land, and then the earth bringing forth fruit (vv 11-13). God was acting in omnipotent power and in wisdom, preparing the earth for man.

But was that all God was doing? We have been taught by men who went before us that in the unfolding days of creation, God was giving a picture of the dispensations. As well, in the events of each day there is the progression of a soul’s experience in salvation. God was patiently laying the foundation for truth that was yet to be revealed.

Perhaps as well, there is a foreshadowing of something even dearer to the heart of God. Note again the sequence of events on day 3: the seas all gathered together in one place, and then fruit springing from the earth. Would it be a stretch of imagination to see in this something which occurred four thousand years later? There was a day, possibly April 3, 33 A. D. when all the waters were gathered together. The waters of God’s judgment were all gathered and poured out at Calvary on One lone sufferer. The deluge descended and with an intensity which dwarfs Niagara, crushed our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary.

The waters were all gathered there. All of God’s holy indignation, righteous judgment, and punishment were funneled down on One Man. “All Thy waves and billows are gone over Me.” (Ps 42:7). “Thou hast afflicted Me with all Thy waves.” (Ps 88:7). Jonah knew the deeps and the billows for his own folly (Jonah 2:3). But for him there was the protection of the great fish. For Christ, there was nothing between Him and the crushing intensity of the gathered seas.

The result of the gathered seas and the dry land, was that now there were conditions suitable for fruit to be borne. In like manner, earth would have been a barren planet, fruitless, if the waters had not been gathered against Him. But as a result of His enduring them, there are now lives on earth which can bear fruit for God’s pleasure. The new creation exceeds the old in both quality and quantity. What the Lord Jesus brought in, is far greater than what Adam did.


1.  Water is one of metaphor employed for the suffering of the Lord Jesus at Calvary. What are some of the others and how does each shed light on His sufferings?

2.  Look at Psalm 69 and notice the prominence of the water imagery and how it is seen “coming in,” “overflowing,” like a flood engulfing, etc.


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