(12) Nov 28/11-Son

Monday Meditation

November 28, 2011


“God hath spoken by His Son …

Thou art My Son …

He shall be to Me for a Son …

Unto the Son He saith …”

Hebrews 1:1-2, 5, 8

In Hebrews 1, the Lord Jesus is referred to as Son, My Son, a Son and The Son. Each expression conveys a slightly different view of what He was to His Father. As Son, there is in Him the perfection of revelation. When spoken of as “a Son,’ we have One Who was the satisfier of every requirement that God ever sought in a Son. When we read of “My Son,” we are confronted with the intimacy of the relationship. Finally, in verse 8, it is “The Son,” Who is brought before us. In this we have the uniqueness of His rank.

Son – the perfection of revelation: not only faithfully revealed without a flaw or inconsistency, but fully revealing the Father.

My Son – the intimacy of relationship: divine Persons eternally moved together in harmony and unity; an atmosphere in which God’s character of love was expressed upon an object deserving of His love and fully reciprocated by the One He loved.

A Son – the Satisfier of every requirement: all that God ever looked for in a Son was found in Him. Israel “My son,” had failed. While called out of Egypt, the nation did not render to God what He longed to find. He did, however, find it in “A Son.”

The Son – the uniqueness of His rank: He is The Son – unique and singular. As The Son, the throne is His.


1.  Look at Genesis 22 and notice the expressions concerning the relationship of Abraham and Isaac: thy son, my son, his son. Link them with Hebrews 1.

2.  Think about the concept of Sonship. Is it primarily stressing a relationship, revelation, or resemblance?

3.  In John’s gospel, epistles and Revelation, John reserves the word “Son” for the Lord Jesus Christ. Believers are always “children” of God. There was One Son. You will need versions other than the KJV to see this.


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