(13) Dec 5/11-Titles

Monday Meditation

December 05, 2011



Son, Subsistence, Sustainer, Sovereign, Savior, Same, Throne-sitter

Hebrews 1

Hebrews 1 (and in fact, all of Hebrews) is replete with titles of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is seen revealed in His glory. In verse 2 He is the Son; in verse 3 He is both Subsistence (essence) of God, and Sustainer of the universe. But this One Who is so great in His person is also our Savior, the purger of our sins. He is also the throne-sitter, the Sovereign (v 8) Who will reign in a coming day, and the Same (v 12), or the unchanging One.

The Spirit of God delights to reveal Christ in all the offices and official titles which afford insight into His worth and greatness. Hebrew believers were being goaded by their friends and family that they were losing out on all God had promised them by embracing this “new way.” The Spirit of God is showing them that all God ever had in mind for man has been procured through Christ and Christ alone.

The taunt would doubtless be couched in terms which would ask why they had changed from what God had promised to something new and different. To this, the Spirit of God replies by showing them that the One they had embraced was “the Same.” There had been no change in God’s plan but simply the outworking and final destination to which He had been moving from the foundation of the world.



1. Look at some of the titles given to the Lord Jesus throughout Hebrews and truths linked with them: for example, A Great High Priest, Author and Finisher, Apostle and High Priest, Surety.

2. “Who being the brightness of His glory” (v 3). Link together some of the “Who being” or similar Scriptures (Phil 2:6; 2 Cor 8:9; Heb 5:8).

3. When was Christ “the brightness of His glory?” Would John 12:41 and Isaiah 6 help in answering this?


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