(14) Larne 2012-Daniel 1, 3 & 6


Bible Readings

BR-Larne2012 01-Dan Ch 1 V 1 – 21 The Teenage Student and his Conviction-D West

BR-Larne2012 02-Dan Ch 3 V 1 – 30 The Three servants and their Confidence-A Hull

BR-Larne2012 03-Dan Ch 6 V 1 – 28 The Trusted Statesman and his Consistency-D Gilliland


M-Larne2012 04-Encouragement to Believers who are involved in Local Assembly Testimony-D Gilliland

M-Larne2012 05-Three things that make a happy Marriage – Support each other,Sharing and Sanctity-D West

M-Larne2012 06-Some of the people in Scripture who had an unreserved committment-A Hull

M-Larne2012 07-Warnings against Fornication-D West

M-Larne2012 08-A contrast between Saul and Davids Sacrifices-S McBride

M-Larne2012 09-A Fourfold contrast between David and the Lord Jesus -Souvreign,Servant,Saviour-M Radcliff

M-Larne2012 10-The Grace and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ-D Gilliland

Gospel Messages

G-Larne2012 12-W Fenton-What the Bible says about the Soul that Sins,and about the Soul that Beli

G-Larne2012 13-A Hull-What Christ has done for you,What will you do with Christ

Missionary Reports

MR-Larne2012 11-H Wilson(Brazil) Testimony and Call

MR-Larne2012 14-E Fairfield-Report on Japan

MR-Larne2012 15-S Ussher-Report on Venezuela

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