(157) Sept 8/2014 – The Savior at Emmaus

Monday Meditation

September 08, 2014

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins

Luke’s Travelogue

The Savior at Emmaus

 “And behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus

which was from Jerusalem about three-score furlongs”

Luke 24:13

He Accompanies us on the Highway of Life

Were they a husband and wife? Possibly. But whether a married couple or two men taking that lonely and sad journey, they were going in the wrong direction – away from Jerusalem; and they were involved in a discouraging discussion – their shattered dreams.

An unknown traveler came alongside and gently and tenderly dealt with them. He has often come alongside on the highways of life. Our unbalanced thinking and expectations are often dashed by reality. We often times think that we are alone and our sorrows and disappointments are unique to us. But He draws alongside and walks with us.

How patient and wise He is; He allowed them to “ventilate,” to air all their grief and sadness. He did not rush explanations or rebukes. He knew they needed to unburden their hearts.

He Addressed Their Hearts

But when they were ready, He did begin to speak. He enlightened their eyes and minds; but above all He spoke to their hearts: “Did not our heart burn within us as He talked with us by the way and while He opened to us the Scriptures?” (v 32). Centuries earlier, a young Moabite damsel had said to Boaz, “Thou hast comforted me, and for that thou hast spoken to the heart of thine handmaiden” (Ruth 2:13, Newberry).

The sufferings of Calvary still fresh in His mind, the vindication of resurrection His experience, yet He cared for two people who were sad and heart-broken. Nothing hinders His care for His people! He still addresses hearts and readjusts our thinking.

He Restores our Hopes

They had the Scriptures for their hope. The Old Testament was filled with promises of a coming Messiah and an age of glory for the nation and its Messiah-King. Tragically, they had a one-sided theology. They were ignoring all the passages which spoke of His rejection and suffering. Thus, Christ had to point them to “all the Scriptures” (v 27), and what they revealed of the things “concerning Himself.” Dreams that had been shattered were not only replaced by other prospects, but by greater hopes and expectations. When He shatters our dreams, it is to give us better realities.

He Graces our Homes

The One Who guided them on the highway, and was the guarantor of their hopes, now graces their home as the perfect guest. How wonderful to have Christ in the home! His presence was suddenly made obvious to them as he dispensed some of the food to them. Was it the wounds in His hands? Or was it simply that it was time for them to realize His presence? Whichever thought you enjoy, His presence led to a change in direction in life – they arose and went back to Jerusalem; and a change in discussion – they spoke of Him (vv 33-35).

Whether on the highway of life or in our homes, He is available and delights to reveal Himself to us.


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