(188) Apr 20/2015 – Totally, Completely, Finally

Monday Meditation

April 20, 2015

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins

Totally, Completely, Finally

“The whole region … wherever, as many … made whole”

Mark 6:53-56

These verses may detail something out of the ordinary for the Gospels. This may have been Gentile territory and not Jewish. Those healed may have been from “the nations” and not from Israel. It would fit the dispensational picture suggested in verses 30-52. But we are more interested for now in the devotional than the dispensational.

Verse 46 tells us that the Lord Jesus spent the night in prayer. Disciples are in danger as they are negotiating their craft in a storm. Just before dawn, the fourth watch of the night, the Lord Jesus comes and stills the waves and wind. Coming to the shores of Gennesaret, His identity is recognized and word spreads.

Soon streets and lanes are filled with people as they come from every region carrying people on beds, bringing the sick, those in need of help; everyone is brought to Him. It was in whatever village, city, or country He entered. The size of the populace did not influence Him. The depth of the need did not hinder His ability. The severity of the illness, the extent of the problem – nothing was really a challenge to His power. “They kept beseeching or begging Him …” As many as came in contact with Him were healed.

His healing power was extensive. He healed all. It was complete – He healed fully. Nothing was left to improve with time. He healed them totally and finally. No repair work ever had to be done on His work.

He displayed His ability to meet every need. Think of the physical weariness involved in such extensive movements and activity. Yet no word of complaint or irritation ever escaped His lips.


  1. They wanted to only touch the border of His garment (v 56). Possibly this was the fringe of blue the Israelite was to wear (Num 15:37-41). If they were Gentiles, it is remarkable that they are owning the healing power of a Jewish Man.
  1. In chapter 7 we will encounter a woman who wants only a crumb of His power; in this scene we see men who wanted only a touch of His robe. How little of His is needed for blessing! How much of Him is available!
  1. To add to the background of the scene, it is possible that there were medicinal springs in this area where the sick would congregate and to be healed. That would mean there would be an inordinate number in need of healing. Yet He healed them all.


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