(205) Aug 17/2015 – Lord of All

Monday Meditation

August 17, 2015

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins

Lord of All

“Preaching peace by Jesus Christ. (He is Lord of all).”

Acts 10:36

Cornelius was a centurion and head of the Italian Band. A loyal Roman soldier would have had to proclaim, “Caesar is Lord!” But this was no ordinary man. God had spoken to him in his life and he was open to the message of God. Peter was divinely brought to the home of Cornelius and all were present to hear what was commanded by God.

What message could a Jewish preacher give to a Gentile audience?

The message must have been strange to the ears of this Italian soldier. He had thought that Caesar was Lord. Peter proclaimed without apology, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. In context it may be Jew and Gentile in view. But the truth remains, He is Lord and not Caesar.

Peter went on to preach of the Man that God:

Anointed Him – He was marked out by God in His baptism and in His deeds of power. God gave testimony to all that this was His Son. Anointed here may carry, not only in the sense of the Spirit’s anointing at His baptism, but that God had singled Him out as He had singled out the kings in the Old Testament.

Approved – He went about doing good. He healed all that were oppressed by Satan. He moved in fellowship with God for God was with Him. God’s presence was God’s approval. Here was a Servant with Whom God could move in uncompromising fellowship.

Allowed – God allowed this Man of Whom He approved to be taken by men and slain and hanged on a tree. Peter says that ‘they’ slew Him and hanged Him on a tree. He is recounting to Romans what His own nation did to Him. He is not absolving Roman authority from their part in the crucifixion; he is explaining why a nation would reject its own Messiah.

Absolved – His resurrection absolved Him of any and all guilt, reversing the verdict of earth. God raised Him to show to all humanity His satisfaction.

Announced – Peter and the apostles were now charged with the wondrous message to announce to all: that He is ordained to be the Judge of the living and dead. And that whoever places trust in Him would receive the forgiveness of sins.

Assured – So certain is God’s purpose, that it has been the theme of all the prophets from the beginning of time. All witnessed to the coming of a Savior Who would meet the need of both Jews and Gentiles. He is Lord of every nationality and culture.


  1.  Paul wrote in Romans 14:9 that Christ died, rose, and revived that He might be Lord of both the dead and the living. Here He is Lord of all.
  1.  Can you trace the witness of all the prophets concerning Christ?
  1.  Do you think a person can be saved without owning Christ as Lord? What about Romans 10:9?


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