(20)Lurgan2018 – Romans 4,6,8 & 12


Lurgan2018-BR01-J Fleck-Romans4 1-25 Saved by Grace

Lurgan2018-BR02-A Summers-Romans6 1-23 Sanctified to God

Lurgan2018-BR03-D Gilliland-Romans8 1-25 Secured for Glory

Lurgan2018-BR04-G Khoo-Romans12 1-21 Serving for Good


M05-Lurgan2018-J Fleck The importance of the Teaching of the Word of God

M06-Lurgan2018-G KHoo Abraham and His Watch, His Walk, His Wealth, His Wish and His Work

M07-Lurgan2018-D Gilliland A study of Bible Trees in the Psalms

M08-Lurgan2018-S Gilfillan The Service of the Levites

M09-Lurgan2018-G Woods The Believer’s Hope, The over ruling power of God in these evil days

M10-Lurgan2018-G Khoo Tabels in Scripture Speaking of Fellowship

M11-Lurgan2018-M Radcliffe How the Lord can bless the little that we give Him

M12-Lurgan2018-T Matthews Attaining to Godliness brings joy and contentment to Believers


MR13-T Matthews Report of his Work in Brazil

MR14-U Ussher Report of his Work in Venezuela

MR15-G Buchannan Report of his Work in Brazil


G16-S Gilfillan-Sanctuary Sights

G17-T Matthews-What it means to have Eternal Life

G18-A Steele-The Precious Blood of Christ

G19-G Khoo-How a sin Sick soul can be healed

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