(30) Apr 2/12-The True Passover Lamb

Monday Meditation

April 02, 2012


The True Passover Lamb

 “She coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord

and spake of Him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.”

Luke 2:36-38

The story of Anna is positioned by Luke to precede the story of the trip to Jerusalem at the Passover (2:41). At that time, historians tell us that the population of Jerusalem swelled with thousands crowding the city to attend the Passover celebration. Each attendee was acknowledging the claims of God on his life as being redeemed. Every family had a Passover lamb which they sacrificed as a reminder of their exodus and redemption from Egypt. By doing so, each was also acknowledging that God’s claims of redemption were binding upon them (Ex.13).

As a true Israelite and son of the law, the Lord Jesus would also go up when He was of age. But twelve years earlier, an incident occurred which was of great significance. In the temple was an aged widow, Anna. She may have had no promise such as Simeon, but her place was the temple where she served God with prayer and fasting. She was not known particularly for speaking to others. Her place was before God in prayer. But that fateful day, she came in contact with Christ. She then spoke about Him to others.

Anna’s words, serving almost as preface, would clarify one great truth: this One needed no redemption. Having seen the child, Anna spake of Him to all that looked for redemption in Israel. Did He need to be redeemed? No, He was the Redeemer. Here was the true Passover Lamb, the One sent to redeem His people Israel. The Spirit of God jealously guarded the moral integrity and distinctiveness of this perfect Man. Here was the only One in the nation, yea, in the nation’s history, Who needed no redemption.


1.  Anna was a widow and spoke about redemption. Look for the five widows of Luke. The widow needed a “kinsman redeemer” to meet her need. Luke, the Gospel of His true humanity, presents Christ as the Redeemer.

2.  Luke 1:68 is the first NT mention of redemption and this is the first mention here of the Redeemer. Why is it not mentioned in Matthew and Mark?

3.  Anna was of the tribe of Asher, reminding us that the ten tribes are not really “lost,” as some think. But what did Jacob say of Asher in Genesis 49:20? How was it displayed here?


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