(38) May 28/12-One Sacrifice for Sins Forever

Monday Meditation

May 28, 2012

One Sacrifice for Sins Forever

“But this man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever,

sat down on the right hand of God.”

Hebrews 10:11-14

Hebrews has been displaying the superiority of Christ in every sphere. Here in chapter 10 we are reminded of the many contrasts between what the law could not accomplish, and what the one sacrifice of Christ accomplished at Golgotha. The Spirit of God has drawn our attention to the feeble nature of the law in verses 1-4; to the final will of God in verses 5-10; and now to the finished work of Christ in the verses before us.

“But this man!” He has made all the difference. His person has given infinite value to His work. Christ did not abolish the Old Testament sacrifices; He fulfilled them all. The variety of sacrifices and the myriads of slain victims were all looking forward to this one sacrifice and were all “answered” in this one work.

  • There is in these verses an exceptional priest in contrast to every priest.
  • There is an eternal rest in contrast to the need to stand daily.
  • There is an efficacious sacrifice in contrast to the repetitive nature of the old ritual.
  • There is an expectant Savior who is awaiting a coming day of vindication (v 13). And,
  • There is entire satisfaction for the throne of God: “By one sacrifice He has perfected forever them that are sanctified.”

“He, the One sacrifice for sins for ever sat down on the right hand of God.” Just as an honored candidate takes a seat in Congress, so He sat down at God’s right hand. It is not a literal sitting necessarily; it is a recognition of His worth and value. He will never rise up to offer another sacrifice. His work is eternally done.


1.  Look at the word “perfect” or “perfection” throughout Hebrews. In Paul’s epistles it usually refers to spiritual maturity. But in Hebrews it refers to Christ and the blessings His work has procured for us.

2.  There are perhaps at least four different expressions in Hebrews for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ: propitiation, sanctification, purification, perfection. Consider the differences implied in each term.

3.  Why do you think in verse 10 that it is the body of Christ through which we are sanctified, while in chapter 9, the blood is stressed?


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