(47) July 30/12-No Mass Blessings

Monday Meditation

July 30, 2012

No Mass Blessings

“And He laid His hands on everyone of them.”

Luke 4:40

In Luke 4:33-41, Luke, the physician, writes with awe and admiration as He tells of the Great Physician and His busy day with patients. Luke had doubtless been trained in the best of Greek tradition of medicine. He had probably studied from the most skillful men of his day. But now he was in the company of the Great Physician.

He traces Him as He moved into the synagogue and rebuked and then cast out the unclean demon from the man whom it had held captive. The crowds are amazed at the skill of this Physician.

From the synagogue He moved to Peter’s home to encounter another illness. Peter’s wife’s mother is prostrate as fever raged in her body. Once again His Word is the “medicine” which instantly cures the sick woman. She arises and immediately, without any time for recuperation, ministers to all those present in the house.

The day was long and the demands arduous. The sun was setting and the Sabbath was just about over. Yet, crowds begin to gather at His door. Mark tells us that the whole city was gathered to His door. Was it possible that many feared coming on the Sabbath and so waited for the setting sun? They had heard His fame (v 37). They had heard of the power of His word to restore a man to the sanctuary (v 33-35), and to restore a woman to service (v 38, 39). Certainly His word could dispel disease and demons from the large company at His door.

It is here that Luke shows one of his unique touches. He tells us that “He laid His hands on everyone of them.” The Man Whose word banished fever and fiends, and Whose word could well have healed multitudes in a moment of time, chose to lay His hands on everyone who came to His door. There was no mass blessing or mass healing that day. Each soul who came, tortured by the ravages of disease, burdened and oppressed by years of demon affliction, maimed and halt, the outcasts of society – He touched each one. His individual care and concern could not be more exquisite or delightful to behold. Yes, His word for the unclean man and for the feverish woman, but only His touch would suffice for the crowd.

It was the end of a long day of service. He “deserved” His rest and solitude; but He continued to be spent for others. How lovely His ways; how pleasing to the Father His tender heart.

The sympathy in man’s distress

The heart to feel, the hand to bless

The tear, the touch, the tenderness,

Remembering, Remembering.

From Remembrance Hymns


1.  Look at the words which suggest the extent of Christ’s power: all, any, everyone of them, many, divers.

2.  Look at things the Lord Jesus avoided in this section: self-pity for the intrusion into His evening of rest, self-glory in His rebuke of the demons, etc.

3.  Why do you think the Lord Jesus did not want the confession of demons in verse 41?

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