(52) Sept 3/12-Gold from Head to Foot

Monday Meditation

September 03, 2012  

Gold from Head to Foot

From the sole of the foot even unto the head,

there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores.

Isaiah 1:5-6

We are afforded three full-length portraits in Scripture, head to foot descriptions, which give insight into the character and nature of the one described. These are not the images seen in the aberrant circus-distorting mirrors made to amuse. These are the accurate, unerring descriptions by the Spirit of God.

The first portrait is that of the nation of Israel. The description Isaiah gives is unreserved in its judgment and scathing in its nature: a sick head, a weak heart, feet that were wounded and a body filled with wounds, bruises, and putrefying sores. The outer corruption was matched by the internal disease which was working its way out as well. The affections were sick; the head, with its thinking and will was debased. The nation was seen as having traveled away from God, its feet being diseased as well. The Spirit of God searches in vain for some “wholeness” to land upon. Like the first dove sent out from the ark, the Spirit of God can find nothing upon which to “land” and rest.

The next description is that given by Daniel in his prophecy. In chapter 2, we have the vision of the “great image.” As Daniel unfolds to Nebuchadnezzar the details of the image, we are given a preview of coming Gentile powers. The details and interpretation are not an issue at present for us. What does concern us is the head to toe description. We move from gold at the head, to iron and clay at the feet – deterioration. Everything that man touches tends downward; everything implodes on itself.

The final head-to-toe description given to us is in Song of Songs 5:10-16. In response to the challenge, “What is thy Beloved more than another beloved,” the thrilling description rushes from her lips. “His head is as the most fine gold.” Not just gold! Not just fine gold; but the most fine gold! As she continues, it is obvious that her heart is ravished by thoughts of the One she loves. But how does her summary of this object of her love conclude? “His legs … set upon sockets of fine gold.” Gold from head to foot! No blemish in Him. No deterioration over time. He is changeless and pure.

He was free of Israel’s defilement and debasement, of Gentile deterioration. He is altogether lovely, conspicuous, standing out, among ten thousand others.


1.  Think of His “head” and trace all He knew and what He thought in John’s Gospel. Look at His feet and where He walked. Trace the “soundness” of His heart throughout the Gospel records. Listen to the only times He ever spoke of His love (John 14:31; 1513).

2.  In Isaiah 53:5 we read of His wounds and bruises but never of putrefying sores. Why do you think the Spirit of God makes this distinction from Israel’s condition as seen in Isaiah 1?

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