(59) Oct 22/12-Thus spake Isaiah when he saw His Glory

Monday Meditation

October 22, 2012

Thus spake Isaiah when he saw His Glory

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory.

Isaiah 6:1-8

Isaiah was among a privileged few who saw the Lord in glory. This elite company included men such as Daniel, Ezekiel, Stephen, and John. Isaiah was likely a young man when the vision of chapter 6 was given to him. He saw the Lord high and lifted up; His train filled the temple. Surrounding the throne, angelic beings owned the holiness of its occupant.

The vision was needful for the young prophet and stamped his ministry from that day forward. The holiness and majesty of the God of Israel was etched upon his heart and controlled his ministry to the nation. Essential, as well, was the assurance that the “whole earth is full of His glory.” To know ahead of time, that despite the failure of man (Uzziah) and the nation (Israel), God would accomplish all His purposes and fill the earth with His glory, would strengthen and enable him in his service.

But Whom did Isaiah see? Who is this One Who is high and lifted up? Who is it before Whom angelic beings hide their eyes and proclaim His worth? The inspired Word of God tells us that it was the One Who eternally has been the “brightness of His glory and the express image of His person” (Heb 1:3).

The apostle John, in citing Isaiah 6:9,10 said concerning the Lord Jesus Christ: “These things said Esaias when he saw His glory and spake of Him” (John 12:40, 41). The glory which is stamped upon Isaiah 6 is, in reality, the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What would Isaiah have thought had he witnessed the One Who was high and lifted up, gracing a manger in lowly infant form? What would he have thought had he seen the One Who was seated upon a throne now resting in the arms of a creature of His own making? His majesty was so great that the train of His robe filled the entire temple scene; now He is wrapped in swaddling clothes and confined to a manger.

And what of the angelic chorus? Would Isaiah have wondered or worshiped when He became the song of drunkards? Would he have understood when the One before Whom the cherubim covered their faces was now blindfolded by men and buffeted? Would he have appreciated the grace of the Throne-sitter as well as the glory? Do we?


1.  What other contrasts can you draw from Isaiah 6 and the treatment the Lord Jesus received while here on earth?

2.  Look at the responses of others who had the privilege of seeing something of the glory of God and theophanies and contrast with what the Gospel records tell us of how men responded to the Lord Jesus.

3.  The chapter begins with a reminder of King Uzziah and his death. Why does it serve as a fitting background for the vision which Isaiah received?

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