(71) Jan 14/13-First Words

Monday Meditation by Sandy Higgins

January 14, 2013

 First Words

 “What seek ye? … Come and see”

John 1:39

Final words are valued as an insight into the priority and passion which has marked a life. Books are written with the final words of great men and women. But what of first words? In most instances, the babble of a child or the first mama or dada is valued only by parents.

In the case of the Gospel writers, it is interesting that each introduces the Lord Jesus in a different way and each records a different ‘first words’ statement from His lips. But it is not variety which marks each statement, but inspiration, as each statement is so fitting for each Gospel account.

In John’s account, he introduces the verbal ministry of the Lord Jesus with the words, “What seek ye?” and then, “Come and see.” How appropriate that in the Gospel record which shows the Lord Jesus revealing the Father and opening the heart of God to humanity, that His first expression should be an invitation to others to come and enjoy all that fellowship with divine persons can possibly afford to man. The response of the two invited followers is given to us in succinct yet insightful words: “They came and saw …  and abode with Him that day” (v 39). With an economy of words and a total absence of artificiality, John the writer has introduced his theme of fellowship with divine persons through the initial words of the Savior, as recorded here.

The remainder of the Gospel will serve to show men and women being brought into a deeper knowledge of Him and the enjoyment of fellowship with the Father and the Son. It will climax in chapter 17 when we are told that eternal life in its essence is the knowledge of God and of His Son.

His invitation to the two followers of John the Baptist suggest His availability, accessibility, and His desire to enjoy their fellowship. He will probe all who seek to follow Him. His, “What seek ye?” is still true today, as He is not interested in casual followers or unexamined lives.


1.  In Matthew His first words are related to righteousness; in Mark they are His preaching message, “Repent!”. In Luke it is His reply to His mother concerning being about His Father’s business. Consider how each ‘first word’ is in keeping with the theme of that Gospel.

2.  John 1 begins with two men following the Lord Jesus; in chapter 21, there are two men following Him again. In the former we see the call to fellowship and in the latter the claims of discipleship. How are they related to each other?

3.  The two disciples addressed the Lord Jesus as “Master” or, more correctly, “Teacher.” It suggests that a teachable spirit is an imperative if we are going to “come and see.” Do I have a teachable spirit?


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