(76) Feb 18/13 – The Father Loves the Son

Monday Meditation

February 18, 2013

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins

The Father Loves the Son

 “The Father loveth the Son

and hath given all things into His hands.”

John 3:35

The words of John 3:35 are an echo of the servant’s words in the house of Laban: “Sarah, my master’s wife bare a son … and unto him hath he (Abram) given all that he hath” (Gen 22:36). A father and son had moved together, in the atmosphere of love, to a mountain in Moriah. There, Isaac displayed his love and devotion to his father. The altar was not too great a price to pay to prove his love and devotion. As the object of his father’s love, he was now the heir of all things. In the good of this wealth, the servant went into a distant land to bring back a bride for Isaac.

John records again the love of a Father for a Son. As Son, He is heir of all. The remainder of John’s Gospel will reveal to us some of the things the Father has put into His hands. But in this section of chapter 3, we are introduced to the One Who possesses all things and Who is, in the very next verse (v 36), presented to men to receive or reject. Like a treasure chest filled with precious gems, the reception of this One as Saviour, brings the recipient into the good of all that is in Him: His wealth, His glory, His position.

The Father’s love for the Son has led Him to honor His Son by giving Him the place of pre-eminence for the ages to come. He has given Him a name above every name. He has promised Him the throne of David and that He will rule in an everlasting Kingdom. And He has given you and me to Him as part of the expression of His love! In a way we cannot understand, we are God’s love-gift to His Son. For all eternity, you and I will be a reminder to the Son of His Father’s love to Him. One of the greatest wonders will be that as He looks upon us, He will have no regrets that He went to a cross and suffered for us. Aware that we stand on the ground of grace alone before Him, He will joy in that grace (Luke 15).

The first mention of love, as is frequently noted, is in Genesis 22 and is a Father’s love for a son. The next mention in our Authorized Version is in Genesis 24:67 and is a son’s love for his bride. In a similar manner, the basis of all, even your salvation and mine, has been a Father’s love for His Son and His purposes of glory and honor, which has included a bride (that would be you and me). The Son’s love for His bride is the natural outflow of the heart of the Savior toward us.


1.  In Genesis 24, the servant spoke about his master’s son throughout the interview in Laban’s house and to Rebekah; but when he and Rebekah see Isaac coming out to meet them, the servant calls him, “My master.” What does that suggest about when we are home I heaven?

2.  The servant of Genesis 24 had said that his master had given everything to his son. Yet the servant had treasures in his hand to display to Rebekah and the family. In a similar way, the Spirit of God has the ability to begin even now to unfold to us, and enable us to move in the good of the wealth of Christ. How can you enjoy that wealth?


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