Endtime Events in Daniel & Revelation – Scott G MacLeod

(This series was given in the Oleary Gospel Hall, Oleary PEI. Night1 was Nov10th, Nights2-4 were Nov16th-18th, Nights5-8 were Nov22nd-25th & Nights9-12 were Nov29th-Dec2nd)

For the 1st night, Nov10th, I used the following chart…

Covenants, Dispensations & the 3 Programs of God

For the remaining nights, the following 4 charts, follow the links below…

1st 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation

2nd 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation

Beasts of Daniel & Revelation

70 Weeks of Daniel

01Oleary-Overview of Covenants and Dispensations (Nov10/2022)

02Oleary-Son of David (Nov16/2022)

03Oleary-Son of Man & 70 Weeks of Daniel Pt1 (Nov17/2022)

04Oleary-70 Weeks of Daniel Pt2 (Nov18/2022)

05Oleary-Intro to the Rapture (Nov22/2022)

06Oleary-Rapture of the Church (Nov23/2022)

07Oleary-Times of the Gentiles (Nov24/2022)

08Oleary-Rev4 to 6 (Nov25/2022)

09Oleary-Satan in the Nations

10Oleary-Invasion from Above and Beneath

11Oleary-False Prophet Man of Sin and the Whore

12Oleary-Battle of Eze38 and the Angels of Revelation
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