Maritime Ministry Edition July 2021


Month of July by Brody Thibodeau


Rejoice & Shout by Murray McCandless

Christ Under the Microscope – His Thigh by Scott G MacLeod

Hath in these Last Days spoken unto us by His Son – John McIlvenna

A Study on Clothing – Matthew Swan


‘Let Us’ of Heb4 – David Hierlihy

Rule, Recovery & Revival of the Kings of Judah – John Meekin

The Importance of Preaching the Gospel – Jonathan Procopio

Lessons from the Life of Paul in the Storm – Brody Thibodeau

Bible Wells – David Gilliland

Impressions of Divine Greatness – David Oliver

The School of God – Eugene Higgins

Growing in Grace – Peter Ramsay


Isaiah 53 sing as a Hymn by Jim MacIntosh


Are the modern translations correct to replace the older phrase ‘only begotten’ with the newer phrase ‘one and only son’? answered by Jim MacIntosh


The Flood Timeline by Scott G MacLeod

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