Maritime Ministry Edition August 2021


August 1/2021 News Brody Thibodeau


Husbands Love Your Wives – Murray McCandless

What Makes a Meeting an Assembly Meeting – Michael Penfold

Lessons from the Tabernacle#1 – Bernie Payne

Art Thou He that should Come? Or, Look we for Another? – John McIlvenna


Fear Not – Andrew Ussher (Given via Zoom on April 13/2021)

Psalm 122 – Marcus Cain (Given via Zoom on July 6/2021)

Rejoice in the Lord – Gaius Goff (Given via Zoom on July 13/2021)

The Church & the Churches – Brody T (Given via Zoom on July 5/2021)

Doorkeepers – John Meekin (Given via Zoom on May 19/2021)

Our Bodies Belong to God – Jonathan Procopio

The Kingdom of God in Human History – David Gilliland


Carest Thou Not? – Jim McIntosh


Does the New Testament prove that Jesus Christ is the Eternal God? by Scott G MacLeod


Timeline of Gifts – Scott G MacLeod