Miscellaneous Messages


Misc01-John 12.mp3



Misc04-Isaiah 53.mp3

Misc05-For Me to Live is Christ.mp3

Misc06-Jobs Trials.mp3

Misc07-Nehemiah – Service for God.mp3

Misc08-The Rapture of the Saints.mp3

Misc09-The Man of God – 1 Kings 13.mp3

Misc10-Baptism – Holy Spirit and Water.mp3

Misc11-Moses – The Great Leader.mp3

Misc12-The Body of Christ.mp3


Misc14-Faith – Abraham.mp3

Misc15-Gods Governmental Dealings.mp3

Misc16-The Judgement Seat of Christ.mp3

Misc17-The 401st Prophet.mp3

Misc18-Godly Shepherding.mp3

Misc19-Election and Predestination.mp3

Misc20-Teaching and Giving.mp3

Misc21-Discerning the Lords Mind.mp3

Misc22-Divine Hedges.mp3

Misc23-Priesthood of Believers.mp3

Misc24-Abraham Offered Up Isaac.mp3

Misc25-Abraham Friend of God.mp3

Misc26-The Lord as God’s Servant.mp3

Misc27-Shepherding the Flock.mp3

Misc28-Inspiration and Authority of Scripture.mp3

Misc29-Elders, Bishops & Deacons.mp3

Misc30-A Man Sent From God.mp3

Misc31-Life of Faith.mp3

Misc32-Resurrection of Christ.mp3

Misc33-Resurrection of the Saints.mp3

Misc34-How God Winds Up the World.mp3

Misc35-How God Winds Up the World.mp3

Misc36-Patience of Job.mp3

Misc37-Baptism – Dead to the World.mp3

Misc38-Ephesians 1 Established in Our Faith.mp3

Misc39-The Majesty of Christ.mp3

Misc40-2Timothy 1 v14.mp3


Misc42-Lessons from the Storm.mp3

Misc43-Identification with the Gospel.mp3

Misc44-The Christ of God.mp3

Misc45-The Assembly of God.mp3

Misc46-The Peace of God.mp3

Misc47-The Discipline of God.mp3

Misc48-The Reality of God.mp3

Misc49-Breaking Hedges.mp3

Misc50-Philippians 4.mp3


Misc52-Assembly Shepherds.mp3

Misc53-The Assembly of God.mp3

Misc54-The Holy Spirit in Believers.mp3

Misc55-John the Baptist.mp3

Misc56-Jacob’s Guidance.mp3

Misc57-I Will Follow Thee.mp3

Misc58-For Me To Live Is Christ.mp3

Misc59-The Lords Servants.mp3

Misc60-The Reality of God in Life.mp3

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