Miscellaneous Messages-David Gilliland

Misc 01 Drinking water from the wells of Salvation.mp3

Misc 02 Acts 28.mp3

Misc 03 Different seats on which people sat at Calvary.mp3

Misc 04 Interesting animals in Scripture.mp3

Misc 05 The Service of Song in the House of God.mp3

Misc 06 Atonement-Its meaning.mp3

Misc 07 A Volume unique amongst Books.mp3

Misc 08 The morning and evening on the day of crucifixion.mp3

Misc 09 The Trinity.mp3

Misc 10 The importance of the Bible and the importance of the Word of God.mp3

Misc 11 Grade A Approved.mp3

Misc 12 Gods Elect.mp3

Misc 13 Our commitment to the Assembly.mp3

Misc 14 The critical challenge.mp3

Misc 15 Dips.mp3

Misc 16 Ex 19 A unique conference.mp3

Misc 17 Gardening with Solomon.mp3

Misc 18 Psa 142.mp3

Misc 19 Righteousness.mp3

Misc 20 The 10 Commandments-David G.mp3

Misc 21 The Believer and his confidence in the word of God.mp3

Misc 22 The Cross Suffering.mp3

Misc 23 The Importance of meditation in the scriptures for spiritual growth.mp3

Misc 24 The Lords Table-David G.mp3

Misc 25 Then began men to call on God.mp3

Misc 26 WYSIWYG Christianity.mp3

Misc 27-Gods attitude to Sin.mp3

Misc 28-How we got our Bible.mp3

Misc 29-Righteousness.mp3

Misc 30-Wearing Secondhand Clothes.mp3

Misc 31-What does it mean to be a Christian.mp3

Misc 32-Whose Image and Superscription.mp3

Misc 33-Hyperbole.mp3

Misc 34-Gospel Meeting.mp3

Misc 35-Commitment.mp3

Misc 36-Pursuit of Holiness.mp3

Misc 37-The Christian and Time Management.mp3

Misc 38-Music in a christians life.mp3

Misc 39-Freedoms of Faith.mp3

Misc 40-Gospel Truths regarding our need of Salvation.mp3

Misc 41-Lot’s Secular Choice.mp3

Misc 42-The costliness and consequences of Sin.mp3

Misc 43-Important days in Israels History.mp3

Misc 44-Not giving up.mp3

Misc 45-Jehovah – He is the Lord in whom we trust.mp3

Misc 46-The significance of the Death of Christ.mp3

Misc 47-Our commitment to the Local Assembly.mp3

Misc 48-The importance of studying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth.mp3

Misc 49-The Lord Jesus is the Arch Head of Creation.mp3

Misc 50-Sinners drawing water.mp3

Misc 51-Paul’s perseverance in Service in 1st Thess Ch 3.mp3

Misc 52-God’s remedy for Stress.mp3

Misc 53-The Trinity.mp3

Misc 54-Trouble Solving.mp3

Misc 55-Some Porches mentioned in Scripture.mp3

Misc 56-Three first things in 1st Cor Ch 15.mp3

Misc 57-The Christian and the proper use of Time.mp3

Misc 58-The Twin Towers.mp3

Misc 59-The Christian’s Hope,Symbols of Hope in Scripture.mp3

Misc 60-The Princely features of God’s Royal People.mp3

Misc 61-The Christian and the World.mp3

Misc 62-Being able to call to rememberance the Word of God in time of Trouble.mp3

Misc 63-Interesting Animal Voices in Scripture.mp3

Misc 64-The Lord’s Coming in relation to the Lord’s Supper.mp3

Misc 65-Faithfulnes to the Lord.mp3

Misc 66-The Importance of Spiritual Position.mp3

Misc 67-The Lord Jesus as a Master,A Model to follow as a Missionary.mp3

Misc 68-What kind of Ambassadors are we for our Lord Jesus Christ.mp3

Misc 69-A straight A Christian-Salute Apelles approved in Christ.mp3

Misc 70-Then Paul Stood,Taking our stand for Christ in the World.mp3

Misc 71-Knowing Christ is greater than Riches Wealth or Might.mp3

Misc 72-The importance of the Bible and the importance of the Word of God.mp3

Misc 73-Then Paul Stood,Taking our stand for Christ in the World.mp3

Misc 74-Spiritual Cardiac Arithmia.mp3

Misc 75-The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead.mp3

Misc 76-The Saviours purpose in coming into the world.mp3

Misc 77-Moses,a man who led a Nation.mp3

Misc 78-The secret of a happy death,A quiet heart,A calm spirit and a secu.mp3

Misc 79-The Life and work of Eleazer the 2nd High Priest in Israel.mp3

Misc 80-The Maintance of the House of God -The Assembly.mp3

Misc 81-The Sinners solemn choice.mp3

Misc 82-A danger to Christians-A danger of falling.mp3

Misc 83-Me,A Christian.mp3

Misc 84-Overcoming Spiritual disabilities.mp3

Misc 85-Christian Convictions conquering through Crisis.mp3

Misc 86-The forging of a real faith in a world that is most unreal.mp3

Misc 87-Stephen looked up,The Jew’s cast him out and he kneeled down.mp3

Misc 88-The unmanned Gap.mp3

Misc 89-Having our Names on the Kings Honours List.mp3

Misc 90-The Sinners Choice – Wisdom or Folly.mp3

Misc 91-Forgiveness.mp3

Misc 92-Decomissioning by consent.mp3

Misc 93-Labouring for God.mp3

Misc 94-By His stripes we are healed.mp3

Misc 95-The importance of Christian Character.mp3

Misc 96-City Streets.mp3

Misc 97-The importance of the ear and hearing in the spiritual experience of the Believer.mp3

Misc 98-Gods Elect.mp3

Misc 99-Seven Names for the House of God.mp3

Misc 100-The end is at hand,be ye therefore sober and watch.mp3

Misc 101-The marks of the New Man in Colossians Ch 3.mp3

Misc 102-The Great Teacher.mp3

Misc 103-The Servant of God.mp3

Misc 104-Some things that could upset the Peace.mp3

Misc 105-Spiritual Survival in a Secular Society.mp3

Misc 106-Some safeguards to keep Believers from slipping.mp3

Misc 107-The Christian’s Calendar.mp3

Misc 108-Comfort for the People of God.mp3

Misc 109-Biblically Selected Eating.mp3

Misc 110-Gospel-Four people who were associated with the Lord Jesus on the Night.mp3

Misc 111-Amen.mp3

Misc 112-The significance of the O.T. in the Life and Ministry of the Lord Jesus.mp3

Misc 113-Some of the New Year Ministry which is found in the OT.mp3

Misc 114-Some of the Statutes in Scripture which Christians should observe.mp3

Misc 115-Different symbols of Testimony in Scripture.mp3

Misc 116-The Lord Jesus-Saviour of the World.mp3

Misc 117-We must be saved,The world might be saved,and he shall be saved.mp3

Misc 118-Psalms,Hymns and Spiritual Songs.mp3

Misc 119-God’s Icons – Made in his Image,Badly damaged and.mp3

Misc 120 Why Genealogies in Scripture,and their importance.mp3

Misc 121 A comparison between the Lord’s Temptations in Matthew Ch 4 and John Chs 6.mp3

Misc 122-Faithfulness.mp3

Misc 123-Faithfulness.mp3

Misc 124-The critical challenge.mp3

Misc 125-Setting our Spiritual Preferences.mp3

Misc 126-D Gilliland Soul Soliloquies in the Book of Psalms.mp3

Misc 127-D Gilliland Three Nails in Scripture,1.To cancell Sin,2 To Conquer and 3 To carry our burdens.mp3

Misc 128-A Prayer for every Morning and a Promise for every Moment.mp3

Misc 129-Gospel The Illustration of the Gospel in The Epistle of Philemon-David G.mp3

Misc 130-Five Fiery Objects in Scripture-David G.mp3

Misc 131-David G-Lessons from the Lesser Lights.mp3

Misc 132-David G-The demonstration of God’s righteousness in the death of Christ.mp3

Misc 133-David G-The Private side of our lives.mp3

Misc 134-David G-Five times God is mentioned as Creator in Scripture.mp3

Misc 135-David G-The Reality of the Local Assembly.mp3

Misc 136-David G-A Three day Conference that Israel had in Hebron.mp3

Misc 137-David G-Comparison between the Lord’s Temptations in Mt4 and Jn6.mp3

Misc 138-David G-Why Genealogies in Scripture.mp3

Misc 139-1Cor11-Truth Veiled and Unveiled-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 140-The Providence of God.mp3

Misc 141-Encouragement to Believers who are involved in Local Assembly Testimony.mp3

Misc 142-The Grace and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 143-The uniqueness of Israel’s Jubilee-David G.mp3

Misc 144-The Providence of God-David G.mp3

Misc 145-The Royal Infirmary of the Kings of Judah.mp3

Misc 146-Setting our Spiritual Preferences.mp3

Misc 147-The Consolation of God.mp3

Misc 148-Four Similies that the Psalmist likens himself to.mp3

Misc 149-The Creation of Heaven and Earth.mp3

Misc 150-Five Great Antique Words in the King James Version – 1.Heretofore,2.Hithe.mp3

Misc 151-Josephs own house -Principles for Assembly Testimony.mp3

Misc 152-The story of Judah.mp3

Misc 153-The Lord is Risen indeed.mp3

Misc 154-The reality of the Local Church.mp3

Misc 155-The recovering of lost smiles.mp3

Misc 156-Growing in Dry Ground,Standing on Holy Ground,Labouring in Clay Ground and Plo.mp3

Misc 157-Committment – Joshua Ch 9.mp3

Misc 158-The pursuit of Holiness.mp3

Misc 159-The bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead.mp3

Misc 160-Contentment in a world of Abundants.mp3

Misc 161-Gods amazing Grace to mankind.mp3

Misc 162-The Prophetic Hope of the Believer found in the Psalms.mp3

Misc 163-Grace to mankind.mp3

Misc 164-What Assembly Fellowship should mean to a Believer.mp3

Misc 165-Three day Conference that Israel had in Hebron.mp3

Misc 166-Gods Icons – Made in his Image,Badly damaged and.mp3

Misc 167-Some lessons that Israel learned on their Journey of Life.mp3

Misc 168-Setting Forward.mp3

Misc 169-The God of the Useless.mp3

Misc 170-Davids mighty men.mp3

Misc 171-Spend and be spent.mp3

Misc 172-Gospel The Illustration of the Gospel in The Epistle of Philemon.mp3

Misc 173-Why Genealogies in Scripture,and their importance.mp3

Misc 174-The God who Plans – How precious are thy thoughts.mp3

Misc 175-Some evil deceptions that can easily delude the modern mind.mp3

Misc 176-The God of Israel-The Creator,Redeemer,Light,Shepherd,Rock,and King.mp3

Misc 177-The Sevenfold singularity of Christ.mp3

Misc 178-The Private side of our lives.mp3

Misc 179-The Christians intrest in the Polotics of the coming age.mp3

Misc 180-Jehovah – He is the Lord in whom we trust.mp3

Misc 181-Our Commitment to the Assembly.mp3

Misc 182-Restoration of Unity,Spiritual Food and Worship.mp3

Misc 183-BR01-1Peter Ch 5 V 1 – 14.mp3

Misc 184-BR01-1Thes01 Ch 4 V 1 – 18.mp3

Misc 185-BR-Larne2012-03 Daniel3 1-28 The Trusted Statesman and his Consistency-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 186-BR-Rom01 Ch 16 V 1 – 27.mp3

Misc 187-BR-Rom02 Ch 16 V 1 – 27.mp3

Misc 188-Unwelcome Intruders in the House of God.mp3

Misc 189-Adorning the Doctrine-D Gilliland

Misc 190-Baptism-D Gilliland

Misc 191-Gospel Meeting-D Gilliland and John Grant

Misc 192-Seasons of Life-D Gilliland

Misc 193-Spiritual Hypothermia-D Gilliland

Misc 194-BR-Romans 8-Opened by David Gilliland

Misc 195-Daniel 3-David Gilliland

Misc 196-Daniel 5-David Gilliland

Misc 197-Lead me

Misc 198- The encrypted life – Col 3

Misc 199-Joseph and the Sense of God-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 200-Psalm 142-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 201-Calling Upon the Name of the Lord-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 202-The Tabernacle-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 203-Psalm68-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 204-The Garden The Tabernacle The Assembly-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 205-Living for Christ-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 206-Gospel-David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 207

Misc 208-What time is it, The Present Age – David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 209-My Way vs God’s Way – David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 210-Pictures of Christ in Daniel – David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 211-Road to Restoration- David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 212-Adorning the Doctrine David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 213-Baptism David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 214-Seasons of Life David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 215-Spiritual Hypothermia David Gilliland.mp3

Misc 216-Gospel Meeting D Gilliland.mp3

Misc 217-Upon Him-DG.mp3

Misc 218-John3 2 in 1-DG.mp3

Misc 219-Psalm145-DG.mp3

Misc 220-Romans 8-DG.mp3

Misc 221-Exams in Gods School-DG.mp3

Misc 222-Four Bible Pictures of Life-DG.mp3

Misc 223-Thanksgiving-DG.mp3

Misc 224-How Should We Then Live-DG.mp3

Misc 225-David and the Times that Went over Him-DG.mp3

Misc 226-What is Christianity-DG.mp3

Misc 227-Psalm 46-DG.mp3

Misc 228-Genesis 1-DG.mp3

Misc 229-Works in the Tabernacle-DG.mp3

Misc 230-Crucial Christianity Spouse-DG.mp3

Misc 231-Psalm 145-DG.mp3

Misc 232-Spend and Be Spent-DG.mp3

Misc 233-Lessons from Exodus-DG.mp3

Misc 234-The God of the Unless-DG.mp3

Misc 235-Setting Forward-DG.mp3

Misc 236-Davids Mighty Men-DG.mp3

Misc 237-Eleazer-DG.mp3

Misc 238-Shepherds at the Well-DG.mp3

Misc 239-Grade A Approved-DG.mp3

Misc 240-The City of God-DG.mp3

Misc 241-House of God-DG.mp3

Misc 242-Isaac-DG.mp3

Misc 243-Drawing Water from Isaiah-DG.mp3

Misc 244-Cross and Suffering-DG.mp3

Misc 245-Day of Atonement-DG.mp3

Misc 246-Words about Words-DG.mp3

Misc 247-Paul Stood-DG.mp3

Misc 248-Psalm 142-DG.mp3

Misc 249-The Tabernacle-DG.mp3

Misc 250-Joseph and the Sense of God-DG.mp3

Misc 251-The street of Jerusalem.mp3

05Sussex 2017-David Gilliland-Ruth called from Idoltary

09Sussex 2017-David Gilland-Psa19, The circuit of the Son

13Sussex 2017-David Gilliland-The Hallmarks of Henceforths


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