Poem about Christmas Day landing on the Lord’s Day – Author Unknown

(This poem was written over 20 years ago by an unknown brother)

Lord Jesus I love Thee but don’t interfere
With meetings this Sunday for Christmas here
My gracious redeemer, I plead for us all
We don’t want to spend all day at the hall

I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me
I promise to preach and to tell of the tree
But not this next Sunday we have cancelled that night
Our exercised hearts seem to think that’s right

I would love Thee in life but I hope no one dies
While I am in my house eating turkeys and pies
A soul that had come seeking God in December
A hall shut is all they will ever remember

Like Christ who attended a feast in the last
And stayed til the end and then preached this at last
If any man thirsteth let him come unto Me
May we use this Christmas in service to Thee

When the bright morn of Thy glory shall dawn
And the meetings of earth are all over and gone
We will then understand where we have gone astray
By cancelling HIS meetings on HIS own Lord’s day

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