The Kingdom of God in Human History – David Gilliland


(These messages were given in the Hebron Gospel Hall on Sept28th to Sept30/2018 by David Gilliland)

01The Kingdom-The Ultimate Kingdom Psalm145-D Gilliland

PART 1 – David Gilliland introduces his series of 5 messages on “the kingdom of God in human history” with a look at Psalm 145, which he calls the ultimate kingdom psalm. The 7+1 psalms of King David bunched together from Psalm 138 to 145 Mr Gilliland likens to the 7 future years of tribulation, that give way to the great day of Christ’s millennial glory. This message is full of fascinating insights into the mathematical structure of the Psalter as well as the divinely inspired use of the Hebrew alphabet (Message given 27th Sept 2018)

02The Kingdom-The Original Kingdom Pattern Gen1-3-D Gilliland

PART 2 – From Genesis Chs 1-3, David Gilliland explains that at the beginning God delegated rule over creation to Adam, who was crowned with glory and honour and given dominion over God’s works. This was the “original kingdom pattern”. All of this came under subtle attack from Satan. (Due to a recording malfunction, 15 minutes is missing at the 28.10 mark. At that point, Mr Gilliland outlined the results of the fall, and how those results will be reversed by the promised Messianic King, the Lord Jesus) (Message given 28th Sept 2018)

03The Kingdom-The Historical Kingdom Picture-D Gilliland

PART 3 – In a sweeping address that covers over 1,500 years of history, David Gilliland traces the course of God’s dealings on the earth from the tower of Babel all the way through to the captivity in Babylon. The Kings of “this world” (Nimrod, Pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar etc.) have always opposed God’s rule, but in the nation of Israel, in particular under the rule of Solomon, God gave a preview of what the Kingdom of Christ will eventually look like in the Millennium (Message given 29th Sept 2018)

04The Kingdom-The Glorious Kingdom Promises-D Gilliland

PART 4 – David Gilliland considers the programme of God’s kingdom from the captivity in Babylon through to the second coming of Christ. God sent prophets – Isaiah to Malachi – to sustain and encourage His people in dark days. Despite the disaster of the captivity and the tragedy of the cross, God’s original plan to have a kingdom headquartered in Jerusalem with the son of David on the throne of the Lord has not been abandoned. The present postponement of the kingdom is also explained (Message given 29th Sept 2018)

05The Kingdom-The Practical Kingdom Parables Lu19 11-27-D Gilliland

PART 5 – David Gilliland considers the parable of the nobleman from Luke 19:11-27. This key parable reveals that though the kingdom was not restored to Israel at the time of Christ’s first coming, it most certainly will be at His second. In the mean time, believers are to “occupy” until He returns. Faithfulness in little things during the time of the King’s rejection and absence will lead to larger responsibilities being given when the kingdom is inaugurated. What kingdom are you living for?

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