(19) Lurgan2017 – The Shepherd


Lurgan2017-BR01M Sweetnam-The Good Shepherd and His Renown

Lurgan2017-BR02T Wilson-The Good Shepherd and their Responsibilities Acts 20v17-38

Lurgan2017-BR03C Munro-The Chief Shepherd and His Rewards

Lurgan2017-BR04D Gilliland-One Shepherd and His Rule

Lurgan2017-M05-M Sweetnam-Men that God used-Daniel-A man of purpose, Ezra-A ready scribe, Nehemiah-A man of action

Lurgan2017-M06-D Gilliland-Different paths the Shepherd leads Believers in, in the journey through life

Lurgan2017-M07-C Munro-Blessings in the Beatitudes in which Believers can rejoice

Lurgan2017-M08-J Fleck-A Sinner Labouring, Labouring in the Gospel and Labouring for the Lord

Lurgan2017-M09-T Wilson-Different couplets of Praise in Psalm 117

Lurgan2017-M10-B Currie-Three questions about Seeking

Lurgan2017-M11-C Munro-What was the outcome of the Lords Service as Prophesied in the Servant Songs in Isaiah

Lurgan2017-M12-T Wilson-Manson of Cyprus, an old Disciple-A man who was mentor for Luke

Lurgan2017-M13-M Sweetnam-Blessings that Believers have not yet received

Lurgan2017-G14-J Fleck-How to find Eternal Rest

Lurgan2017-G15-T Wilson-Facts about Salvation and it necessity

Lurgan2017-G16-J Rogers-What it means to Perish

Lurgan2017-G17-C Munro-The Good Shepherd give his life for the Sheep and they shall never perish

Lurgan2017-Conf Hymns

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