(73) Jan 28/2013 – Manifested forth His glory

Monday Meditation

 Jan 28, 2013

From the desk of Dr. A.J. Higgins

 Manifested forth His glory

“This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth His glory.”

John 2:11

Imagine that you were destined for greatness. Now imagine, as well, that you could make your entrance onto the stage of the world in any manner in which you would choose; and that you could choose the time and place as well. How would you orchestrate it? What would be the scenario to catapult you into the public eye and draw the maximum attention? We don’t have to do much imagining as we are exposed to public figures who dream of this and are aware of professional agents who can manage this for politicians, sports figures, and entertainers, all the time.

But how did the Lord Jesus begin His public ministry? First of all, look at the location the Lord chose. It was not in the Temple where every eye would be attentive to displays of power and glory. It was not even in Jerusalem where the “spiritual” of Israel resided. It was not even in Judea – that favored part of the land where all faithful Jews resided. Cana? Galilee? Yes, it was in an obscure corner of the nation, in despised Galilee that the Lord Jesus first displayed His glory.

But what was the occasion? Was it the raising of a dead person? The healing of someone decades in the grip of a dread disease? Was it the control of the sun, moon, or stars; the creation of special effects for the day? No, it was at a wedding, an occasion when everyone’s attention was on the bride and the groom, and not on Him.

And what did He do? Was it something spectacular to draw everyone’s attention to Himself? He simply made water become wine. And He did it in such a way that the only ones who knew were the servants who drew the water and His disciples. He did nothing to distract attention from the newlyweds. They were center stage that day. But He would manifest His glory to those who were closest to Him.

Here was the Servant-Son Who not only went about doing good, but did it in the best possible way. He manifested His glory and did it in a manner which only enhances His glory to us.


1.  The first miracle-sign is at a wedding and the seventh “sign” is at a grave. What does that tell us about the Lord Jesus?

2.  If we apply the statement of the governor of the feast to God’s provision of joy for eternity, why is it more wonderful that it says, “Thou hast kept the good wine until now,” instead of, as is commonly quoted, “Thou hast kept the good wine for the last?”

3. John begins with the Lord Jesus giving men the “best wine” (v 10), and ends with men giving Him sour vinegar (John 19:29).


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